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Guide to rehearsing at Mystic Rhythms Rehearsal Studios

This page tells you all you need to know about rehearsing at Mystic Rhythms. Everything from our services, choosing a room, reserving rehearsal time, requesting additional gear and our policies. If you’ve never visited our studios before, please take the time to read this page so that your first rehearsal with us will be free of unexpected problems and a rockin’ good time!

What services we provide

  • Rehearsal studio rental
  • Gear rental (amps, keyboard stands, cymbal packs etc.)

The highest quality rehearsal rooms in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley!

Mystic Rhythms provides paid access to top-quality rehearsal studios. Our studios are always cleaned, disinfected and powered up when you arrive. They have been designed and built with high-quality sound and isolation in mind and each room has a PA system (mixer, monitors etc.), full drum kit, mics, stands, cables, air conditioning, fans and a fridge with complimentary bottled water.

We also provide additional gear at no extra cost to you. We have a wide variety of amps, heads, cymbal packs (2 crash, ride, hi-hats), extra mics, an electric piano with stand and bench, all this in addition to the gear already standard in each room.

Choosing a room

Each of our rehearsal rooms features mics, stands, music stands, a complete PA system with mixer and monitors and a full drum kit. Everything is well maintained and in excellent working order. Drums are professionally tuned daily and all surfaces are disinfected for your safety before you arrive. Each rehearsal studio has it’s own individual attributes that give each room it’s own look and feel. You can see each room in the Rooms, Rates & Gear section of this website.

Mystic Rhythms’ rehearsal rooms comfortably accommodate the following band member capacities. You’ll want to keep this in mind when choosing your room. Note: We always do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs and sometimes we may need to assign you to a different room under certain circumstances. Your understanding is appreciated.

Room One – Max. 7 people
Room Two – Max. 8 people
Room Three – Max. 5 people
Room Four – Max. 5 people
Room Five – Max. 3 people

Booking your rehearsal

Okay, so you’ve picked the perfect room for your band’s rehearsal, it’s time to reserve your space and time. Bands & Duo Musicians are required to book a minimum time span of three hours. Solo musicians must book a minimum time span of one hour. (see the breakdown shown below)

  • Rooms 1 & 2 – $28/hr. x 3hrs = $84
  • Rooms 3 & 4 – $25/hr. x 3hrs = $75
  • Room 5 – $22/hr. x 3hrs = $66
  • Bands (3 or more persons) – 3 hr. minimum
  • Solo Musician Rate – $17/hr. – 1 hr. minimum
  • Duo Musicians – $60 – 3 hrs. (flat rate)

All bookings are made through this website. We do not accept bookings by email, text nor phone. This is because when you make your reservation through our website the information is automatically added to our booking management system which ensures smooth running of our operations.

The Booking page is very straight-forward. It’s a lot like online shopping but you won’t need to pay up front and no credit card is required to complete the transaction.

At the top of the booking form is our always-updated calendar. You can navigate to any desired date making it easy to determine what’s available and when. Once you’ve decided on an available room/date/time, simply fill in the form details.

  • Choose your room
  • Choose available date/time
  • Fill in your band details
  • Click ‘Continue’
  • Choose any additional gear you desire.
  • Click ‘Make Reservation’
  • Shopping Cart shows your reservation, ‘Proceed to Checkout’ or ‘Continue Shopping’.
  • Clicking on ‘Proceed to Checkout’ will reserve your time/space. We will confirm your reservation (usually within 10 minutes) and you will receive a confirmation notification via email.
See what’s available on the calendar.
Filling in the details
Filling in the details
Provide your booking and band details.
Add Gear
Add Gear
Need an amp or keyboard? We’ve got you covered.
Reservation Complete
Reservation Complete
We have received your booking, confirmation in about 10 minutes.

Arriving at our studios

We are located at, 208 – 20701 Langley Bypass, Langley, B.C. V3A 5E8

Map of Area
Map of Area
See the red marker?
Street View
Street View
20701 Langley Bypass. Giant black and yellow sign!
Property Map
Property Map
See the red music note? Behind Bldg. #2

Arrive a couple minutes early and be sure to check in with us. Your room will have your band name hanging on the door and is ready for loading in your guitars and other gear. If you have any concerns or needs, please let us know and we’ll do what we can to accommodate you.

During rehearsal

The washroom is located at the back of the studio on the left. Please observe the signs there and leave it the way you found it.

Your room has a refrigerator with chilled bottled water, help yourself to it. There is a bin for recycling water bottles and a second bin for trash, they are plainly labeled. Please don’t confuse the two.

DO NOT MOVE the AC unit in your room. 

All smoking and/or vaping is done outside 50 feet (20 steps) or more from the door. No alcohol is to be consumed outside.

Covid-19 protocols are no longer mandatory but are still welcomed, feel free to wear a mask and socially distance in all public areas while also respecting another’s decision to be mask free. Mystic Rhythms encourages frequent handwashing and sanitizing to not only prevent Covid, but to also help you to avoid colds, flu etc. We love our customers!

Three hours can go by just like that! Please keep an eye on the clock and give yourself time to tear down, pack up and vacate the room by the end of your rehearsal period as another band may be waiting to load into the room. If you need more time, book more time or ask us when you arrive and we’ll try to accommodate you.

After rehearsal

Paying for your rehearsal:

  • One, single payment in full. Having each musician paying his/her share to us depletes our cash float and drives up our debit/credit transaction costs.
  • We accept Mystic Rhythms gift coupons, cash, credit and debit. We do not accept crypto or any other alternative payment methods.

Policies you should be aware of

Please see our Terms & Conditions page for all the details. The short version is below.

  • SETUP AND TEAR-DOWN (setup & tear-down within your session time)
  • PERSONAL ITEMS (we are not responsible)
  • 24-HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY ($50 fee for late cancellations or no-shows)
  • DAMAGES (you break it, you bought it)
  • GST INCLUDED (in our posted rates)


Been Infected? If you’ve been infected with COVID-19 within the last two weeks, please do not visit the studio until you’ve quarantined and tested negative to confirm you are no longer infected.