Five Stars!

Taylor R.
Definitely the best place to play, destroys any notion of what a practice space should be. Not the grimy, broken-down space you’ve probably come to expect. The sound/acoustics are excellent, rooms are extremely clean, equipment is all basically new and works great. Free water, coffee, WiFi, etc. Prices are reasonable especially considering almost all the gear you need is included. As a drummer, all I really need to bring are my cymbals (and I think they’ll provide cymbals if you need them anyways). No need to bring your kick pedal, hi-hat clutch, etc. unless you prefer your own gear (and their kits/hardware are good anyways). Owners are super friendly and accommodating. Worth the drive if you’re anywhere in the Lower Mainland.

Scott H.
Would rate it 6 stars if it was possible! Such an awesome spot to jam and practice, way better than anything else I have seen. Rooms are nice and clean, well lit, sound good and have all the amenities, even a/c, mini-fridges and fans! Sean is super helpful and accommodating. Would highly recommend this place!

Erland W.
This is an amazing place.  Clean, organized, friendly, has PA, bass amp, drums, guitar amps – in all four rooms!!!
Has refreshments, clean kitchen and washroom – Great atmosphere!

Justin C.
Awesome space to practice. No need to bring all your gear with you, they have some there!! Was amazing to be able to just bring a guitar and pedals and not to have to haul around my amp with me too. Highly recommended and great pricing.

Kevin B.
Sean & his facility are totally pro! Excellent gear, great rooms, and a great vibe!  In my humble opinion, you get what you pay for… Definitely one of the best studios I’ve rehearsed at!

Clayton B.
This facility sets the bar for other studios to follow, clean,courteous and professional……..I have never had such a great experience as I have tonight.
We shall return to rehearse here very soon!

Alan B.
Drums sound amazing, rooms are good size, nice and clean!! My new favourite place to jam.

Nikita G.
Love this space!!! The owners Sean & Shelly are amazing and make you feel right at home. They are very accommodating and have everything from refreshments to snack bars in case you are hungry. As a girl, I find jam spaces to be a lil on the dirty side and this place is as clean as my own home. I love it here and will continue to come!!! Thanks for taking care of us.

Kyle S.
What a fantastic set up and wonderful staff! Love the rooms and the gear is wicked. Wise Youngblood will definitely be going back when we need a jam space on the mainland.

Kurt T.
Best bang for your buck of any place I have ever rehearsed at. The rooms are great, and the service is the best I have ever experienced.

Randy H.
Great place, I would recommend it to everybody. We generally use one of the large rooms. Quality PA system and lots of room for our 4 piece, could easily fit a larger band. Free water & snacks – can’t get much better than that!

Dallas H.
I had the opportunity to meet Sean and his wife this past week and all I can say is Wow! Fantastic people with the nicest, cleanest most useful rehearsal space I have ever been at. The personal service was beyond anything expected. A great experience and we will absolutely be going back! Thanks for everything!!!

Myles N.
Great spot for jamming and writing!! The owner was extremely friendly and they have everything you need!

Michelle D.
Mystic Studios has a very creative vibe! Sean and Shelly are profession and personable. They are the kind of people that really understand the needs of a musician and are most accommodating. Sean and Shelly are always positive and supportive when I come in to practice. Thank you!

Ken H.
Drummers look no further for practice space, and garage bands without the garage your wish has been granted. This is the go-to place (even if it is the only go to place) to help get your band / talents to the next level. Nothing finer, from the equipment, facilities and of course staff. And you don’t have to sell your soul at the crossroads to cover the costs. Only 15 mins. from Abbotsford, too (Mt. Lehman area).

Melanie P.
So far, so great! What a wonderful place to work out you musical chops. Sean is top shelf, helpful , knowledgeable, and accomodating, we want to live here! HIGHLY recommend this facility.

Gary W.
Mystic Rhythms is a great place to rehearse; the studios are great, the gear is fine, and the coffees fresh. Thanks, Sean!

Patrick M.
Honestly the best rehearsal space I’ve ever been to. Good sounding rooms, water, tea and coffee, friendly people. Killer.

Steve B.
My band rehearses her regularly. Mystic Rhythms is a very professional facility with a unique personal touch. Complimentary refreshments, clean spacious rooms, a most accommodating host, Sean, Mystic Rhythms is an absolute pleasure to rehearse in. We love it here!

Tom A.
Love this place! Everything you need and in top shape for a great price!! Highly recommended.

Trevor D.
What a great place to rehearse!! Has a real excellent vibe!! Great job Sean we’ll be back for sure!!!

Deanna S.
Owners are awesome. Facility is well put together.