Always Free!

At Mystic Rhythms, ALL gear rentals are FREE! Just make sure you reserve your amps, cymbals etc. during the booking process or they might not be available.

Our rehearsal studio was built with musicians in mind. We know what we loved and hated about other studios when we jammed, so we worked really hard to set ourselves apart. Clean, spacious rooms and all the little things like cords, cables, amps, heads, monitors, mixers, drums, cymbals, pedals, mics and stands at no extra cost! Oh, and we have a fridge full of bottled water waiting for you also. Then, during the pandemic, we took it to the next level and added ambiance lighting and light-duty racking so you can mount your go-pros and digital mics and make audio/video recordings that don’t suck.

Who does that?

We do.

List of amps available

  • Fender Blues Jr. Single 12 15 Watt Tube Combo
  • Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III Single 12
  • Fender Deluxe Hot Rod IV
  • Fender Hot Rod Deville 212 Tube Combo
  • Fender Twin Reverb 212 Tube Combo
  • Marshall DSL40
  • Vox AC/30 212 Combo
  • Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18
  • Peavy Classic 30 Tube Head & 212 Tweed Cab.
  • Randall RH100 G2 Series 100 watt Head & 412 Cab
  • Genz-Benz g-Flex (George Lynch Signature Guitar Cab)
  • Marshall Cab 1960A
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List of drums available

  • Room One – 2018 Mapex Saturn Exotic (maple/walnut) 6 piece
  • Room Two – 2000 Yamaha Oak Custom 6 piece
  • Room Three – 2018 Mapex Armory 6 piece
  • Room Four – 2021 Mapex Armory 6 piece
  • Room Five – 2014 Sonor 3007 5 piece


  • Tama SpeedCobra 310 Single Bass Pedals on every kit or request one of the double-kicks below,
  • DW 5000 Double Bass Pedals
  • Tama Iron Cobra Double Bass Pedals


Rooms One & Two
14 channel Yorkville VGM mixer
2-NX55 speakers (mains)
2-NX25 speakers (floor monitors)

Rooms Three & Four
8 channel Yorkville Pgm8
2-NX55 speakers (mains)

Room Five
8 channel Yorkville Pgm8
NX25 300 watt speaker


All Rooms
Apex 385

Bass Rigs

Rooms One & Two
Traynor TC410-4 800 Watt cab
GK MB Fusion 800 watt head w/ foot pedal.

Rooms Three & Four
Traynor Dynablock 400(350 watt)

Room Five
Traynor Small Block 112


Yamaha P-45 88 key, weighted, electric piano w/bench